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Here I have some comments and news about our sexy hunk Tarkan, what has he done recently, what he'll be doing soon, interviews, etc.

There is a lack of information about Tarkan in our latin countries, specially here in Panama, so it has been very difficult to gather all the stuff I have here.

I want to thank all the people out there who have helped me, sending me interviews, photos, comments...a hug and a kiss for all of you! Thanks a lot for your support!




Release - Come Closer (April)

Tarkan in English (March)

Tarkan is back (February)

Tarkan Comes Closer to Mexico (February)


Bounce (October)

Avea ads and concerts (August)


Tarkan Storm Blew on Istanbul (June)

Tarkan in Baku (May)

Turkey's Culture Festival in Russia (May)

Concert Tour 2004 (May)

We are the Future (April)

Turkish Star Thrills Bulgaria (April)

Tarkan 2 Fast 2 Furious (February)


Scents (december)

Dudu (June)

Playback singing (June)

A night in Reina (June)

OPET, new Tarkan sponsor (June)

A new single is comming (May)

A big entrance (May)

A dancing surprise (April)


Tarkan's Home (December)

Tarkan's Latest Video (November)

Latest TV AD (November)

Tarkan "virtual" voter (October)

Tarkan's Concert (September)

Turkey celebrates the World Cup (June)

Freedom is inside (March)

Another chat with fans (January)


Group Slams Tarkan's Video (Nov.)

Pop Music's Young Turk (Nov.)

Tarkan is 29 (October)

Latins crazy for Tarkan (October)

Interview - Gecce.com (August)

Concert Tour in Turkey (August-September)

Karma's Release (August)

The world fan of Tarkan (August)

Tarkan on holiday (August)

Tarkan returns to Mexico (July)

Soon: Karma, the new album (July)

Kuzu Kuzu a success (June)

Tarkan's Stolen Pics (June):
- The Pics Issue
- Turkish star accuses man of stealing
   nude photographs
- Tarkan neither accepts nor denies
- Photos on Sale
- Tarkan, we love and support you

Kuzu Kuzu is released! (May)

The Pepsi Ads (April)

Simarik cover released in USA (March)

Tarkan signed with Pepsi! (March)

Tarkan greeted by a crowd (March)

Tarkan as a fashion model (March)

Tarkan to be in Istanbul in February (January)


Tarkan's New Album (December)

Tarkan to sign with Pepsi (November)

Tarkan's accident (November)

Interview-Eres Magazine (September)

Article-MyNet.com (September)

Article-MyNet.com (July)

Fans want Tarkan in Al Ritmo de Miami (July)

Interview-Tú Magazine (July)

Interview-Eritmo.com (June)

Tarkan releases Bu Gece (June)

Tarkan chats with his fans (June)

Interview-Bravo Magazine (April)

Tarkan is on vacation (April)

Interview 1 - TV Azteca (March)

Interview 2 - TV Azteca (March)

Interview 3 - TV Azteca (March)

Interview 4 - TV Azteca (March)

Article-Notas Musicales Magazine (April)

Article-TV y Novelas Magazine (March)

Interview-Al Ritmo de las Estrellas (March)

Tarkan visits Mexico (March 11-18):
- Tarkan in TVAzteca
- He signs autographs for his fans
- Tarkan wants a mexican girlfriend
- Tarkan and his exotic movements
- Tarkan sends kisses in play-back
- Pics of his performance in mexican tv

Tarkan does his military service (January-February)

Tarkan is unknown in Spain

Tarkan's image changes

Japanese kisses


The question box of Tarkan (October)

Tarkan... (October)

Interview - CNN World Beat (August)

Adventures in Russia (Summer)

Russia Loves Tarkan (Summer)

Tarkan spills it all (June)

Tarkan perfect at 70% (March)

Tarkan: "I want it all!" (February)

Backstage with Tarkan (February)

Tarkan answers us (January)

The inquisitive page: Tarkan

The love interview

Tarkan's secret tragedy


Tarkan: "I try not to fall in love" (November)

Tarkan upside down (November)



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